Learning About Metal Recycling

Learning About Metal Recycling

  • The Best Practices for Dealing With Grease in Your Commercial Kitchen

    Does your business have a grease trap that occasionally needs to be emptied? If so, you'll likely want to find ways to prevent the grease from getting inside it and reduce the frequency of needing to have the trap cleaned out by a professional. Here are some tips for dealing with grease. Avoid Garbage Disposals While it may seem easy, when you have a garbage disposal, to put food waste directly down the drain, this is going to put a lot more grease into the grease trap as a result.

  • Six Key Factors When Selling Or Recycling Copper Wire

    There are numerous benefits to selling or recycling copper wire. The primary benefit is that you should be able to make some money on any scrap copper wire you have available.  However, you need to take a few factors into account when you're in the process of selling or recycling copper wire. The following are six key factors to consider when searching out a copper wire buyer.  Insulation and other items attached to copper wire

  • 5 Reasons To Recycle Your Computer Equipment

    If you have an extra laptop, computer, or other computer equipment lying around your home, you'll want to make sure that you dispose of these items properly. Throwing them out in the normal trash is not a good idea. The good news is there are many computer recycling programs out there that make the process of disposing of easy for you! It's a great way to free up some space in your home and get rid of unwanted machinery.

  • New To Copper Scrap? Here's 3 Things You Need To Know About Scrapping Copper Wires

    Copper and aluminum are both commonly found in electrical wires—they're both excellent conductors that resist corrosion. Copper scrap, however, is much more valuable than aluminum. Thankfully, it's also more commonly found in electrical wires than aluminum is—that's why many scrappers choose to harvest their copper scrap primarily from electrical wires. If you're new to scrapping, read on for three things that you need to know about obtaining copper scrap from electrical wires.

  • Tips For Getting Rid Of Old Machinery And Equipment At Your Manufacturing Plant

    If you have old machinery and equipment at your manufacturing plant that you are hoping to get rid of, you could be wondering about how you're going to do so. A few ways that you can get rid of these old and unwanted items have been outlined here; you can pick and choose which option is best for your company based off of the equipment that you're getting rid of and its current condition and the options that seem most appealing to you.

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    Learning About Metal Recycling

    Hello everyone, my name is Suzi Lanson. Welcome to my site. I want to talk about the different tools and techniques used for metal recycling. The backyard in my first home was a graveyard of broken appliances, tools and tin cans of all sizes. I looked at the collection sitting there in horror at first. A friend pointed out that the piles of garbage were actually a recycling goldmine. We transported the materials to a metal recycling facility and split the cash. I was pleasantly surprised to hear nearly all of the items could be broken down and processed to create new products. I will talk about the metal recycling process in more detail on this site.